Misha Lagerstedt
CEO & Producer
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Boutique Animation Oy
Köydenpunojankatu 2 a D
00180 Helsinki, Finland



About us

Welcome to Boutique!

We are a Helsinki based animation and design studio. We produce high quality motion across all screens and media by combining an eye for design with outstanding animation expertise and creative direction.

What’s more mouthwatering than a chocolate bar? 12 chocolate bars. It was a real joyride making Fazer’s chocolate bars come to life in this musical performance.

Director Ville Salervo
Storyboard Artists Laura Jay, Hanna-Leena Kartano
Concept Artist Lisa Baillon
3D Artist Jonas Bohman
3D Animators Karolis Galkus, Hanna-Leena Kartano, Joni Lyytikäinen
Lighting & Rendering Artist Henri Laurikka
Compositor Henri Laurikka
Color Grading Joni Kuusisto
Production Coordinator Niko Kuurne
Line Producer Sanna Louhivaara
Executive Producer Misha Lagerstedt
Sound Design Markku Mäkelä
Music Jesper Geitel, Markku Mäkelä
Online Jukka Honkanen, Raimo Saba
Agency SEK
Client Fazer

New campaign for the speedy convenience store chain Alepa.

Director Laura Jay
Animator Laura Jay
Additional Animation Jani Teräväinen, Jyri Pieniniemi
Background Artist Joona Leppänen
Compositor Jani Teräväinen
Line Producer Sanna Louhivaara
Producer Misha Lagerstedt
Sound Designer Markku Mäkelä
Agency Bob the Robot
Client SOK Media

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