YL - Pioneers

This short film opens the YL male choir’s ”Journey” concerts and doubles as their introduction film in their online communication.

YL has a long history of work with many legendary Finnish composers – most notably Jean Sibelius – but today they’re also interpreters of more contemporary choir music. The challenge we faced was capturing this scale and history in a 2 minute short. Our solution was to turn it into a poetic piece that pays tribute to classic Finnish poster design and the golden age of Finnish art.

YL - Pioneers Credits

Director Ville Salervo
Designer Ville Salervo
Compositor Kristian Lindén
2D Animator Emmiina Jokinen
Production Assistant Sanna Lindroos
Producer Misha Lagerstedt
Music Anton Valle
Sound Design Silencio
Client Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat