We collaborated with Pepsodent to follow the Finnish rap artist Elastinen's inspirational journey from his early days being all serious and tightlipped rookie to becoming a national star in Finland, known for his wide smile and positivity.

A Boutique production

Director Taito Kawata
Executive Producer Misha Lagerstedt
Line Producer Jemina Luomajoki
Storyboard Artist Lisa Baillon
Designer Lisa Baillon
Concept Artist Lisa Baillon
Background Artists Lisa Baillon and Joona Aalto
Lead Animator Jakub Szczesniak
2D Animator Jouko Raudasoja
2D Animator Jani Teräväinen
Compositor Jani Teräväinen
Live Action Production Cocoa

Live action production: Cocoa

Producer Seppo Kerkelä
Production Assistant Lotti Molander
Editor Jukka Honkanen
Editor Taito Kawata
Color Grading Taito Kawata
Music Elastinen
Sound Design Kimmo Laiho and Taito Kawata
Agency NORD DDB Helsinki
Client Pepsodent (Unilever)