Misha Lagerstedt
CEO & Producer
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Ville Salervo
Design Lead
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Sanna Lindroos
Production Assistant
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Victim Support Finland

Victim Support Finland credits

RIKU (Victim Support Finland) provides assistance and support services to crime victims, their relatives and witnesses in criminal proceedings. Falling victim to a crime is always a dramatic ordeal and asking for support in such a case can be hard as well.

Our task was to help parents recognize the symptoms in their young ones and to help them take the first steps on the path of recovery with RIKU´s assistance.


Director Ville Salervo
Lead Animator Jorge Pozo
2D Animator Emmiina Jokinen
Motion Designer JP Lyytinen
Producer Misha Lagerstedt
Sound Design Silencio
Client Victim Support Finland
Agency Merikallio & Son