Misha Lagerstedt
CEO & Producer
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Ville Salervo
Design Lead
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Sanna Lindroos
Production Assistant
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Boutique Animation Oy
Yrjönkatu 18
00120 Helsinki, Finland


Gigglebug is a preschool TV series and a portfolio of mobile apps for children aged 2-5 years. It is heartfelt, warm, and safe…and best of all, laugh-out-loud funny. Like our audience, the show’s characters are young, impressionable kids who are learning about life through play. Their inexperience often makes them confused and insecure–but fortunately there’s an inspiring main character (Gigglebug!) to bolster them and cheer them on.

Director Joonas Utti
Designer Joonas Utti
Producer Anttu Harlin
Animation Production Anima Boutique & Gigglebug Entertainment