Flow Festival 2019

We’ve been fortunate to work with Flow Festival for the past 6 years. This year we produced more materials than ever before. From animated gifs to promo materials in multiple formats to the HUGE animations for the main stage.

Motion Designers Lisa Baillon & Jani Teräväinen
Line Producer Sanna Louhivaara
Executive Producer Misha Lagerstedt
Client Flow Festival

S-Pankki 2019

We happily updated one of the most joyful and memorable animations of the past years. Great to see this carefree fella get a well deserved upgrade.


Director Joona Leppänen
Illustrator Joona Leppänen
3D Modeler & Animator Lisa Baillon
Compositor Jyri Pieniniemi
Producer Misha Lagerstedt
Original Illustrations Vesa Sammalisto
Original Animations Jorgo Pozo, Eero Pitkänen
Music Hot Spot
Client S-Pankki
Agency Bob the Robot

Pori Jazz 2019

Pori Jazz is one of the oldest festivals of rhythm music, dating back to 1966. Jump forward to 2019 and we’re animating Rami Niemi’s bombastic characters for the festival’s ads. Ain’t that great? We sure think so, and we’re sure Dizzy would approve.


Illustrator Rami Niemi
Director Ville Salervo
Animator Jyri Pieniniemi
Agency Double Happiness
Client Pori Jazz

Flow Festival 2018

This year, Flow Festival’s identity revolved around illustrated elements and typefaces expertly crafted by TSTO and Schick-Toikka.  We brought them alive in numerous executions ranging from announcement trailers to ads and onsite visuals at the Festival itself.

Flow Festival has become synonymous with bringing music from old school legends to topical newcomers. Beyond the music, Flow offers a warm embrace of the arts and an exceptional array of world spanning cuisine.


Director Ville Salervo
Animation Lisa Baillon & Aliina Kauranne
Producer Misha Lagerstedt
Agency Tsto
Client Flow Festival

Gloria Fashion Show 2018

Gloria magazine’s Gloria Fashion Show 2018 took place in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, with the biggest Finnish fashion brands and most creative student showcases taking center stage. We decorated the show with palazzo-themed sets & animations with mythical creatures and abstract sceneries that were coordinated with the color schemes and themes of the catwalk.


Director Ville Salervo
Illustrator Ville Salervo
Animator & Compositor Jyri Pieniniemi
Additional Animation Lisa Baillon, Pauli Setälä
Additional Compositing Lisa Baillon, Pauli Setälä
Producer Harri Hännikäinen
Client Sanoma

Alepa Korttelitoive 2018

Bring out your hairspray and dust off your keytars! The Alepa gang is back with their version of an iconic Finnish hit from the ‘80s. Product variety and wish fullfilment made easy for you. 


Director Jorge Pozo
Character Designer Laura Jay
Animators Jorge Pozo, Laura Jay
Background Artist Ville Salervo
Compositor Jyri Pieniniemi
Creative Director Juuso Helander
Producer Sanna Lindroos
Executive Producer Misha Lagerstedt
Sound Design Humina
Agency Wörks
Client SOK Media